A cacophonous smoking menace filled with pulsing psych grooves. With a combination of raw, piercing guitars, layered drones and hypnotic beats, Bonfire Nights emits a wall of sound on stage but also reveal an underlying pop savvy with a penchant for melodic hooks and boy-girl harmonies. 

They have shared the stage with a number of like-minded acts, including The Drones, Pond, The Underground Youth,  DZ Deathrays, The Black Belles, The KVB and Lola Colt.

Teaming up with their friends Bad Vibrations, the band  released their single 'Ego Death' on a split 7" with Tripwires in early 2015 and a follow-up single 'Low'  in December. 

The Band release their debut album titled 'Entopica Phenomica' in October 2016, through Holy Beatnik Records.


Photographer: Ruth Nitkiewicz